Churches and the kind of MAN they produce

Taking Manhood Back

Churches and the kind of MAN they produce

In general – we see a few good mighty men in church. The men in the Bible is a far cry from the men that walks in church every week. Men like Abraham who led his household to war, Moses who led at least a million people out of Egypt, men like Joseph who in spite of his looks did not take advantage of women. Instead what we usually see our strong women forcing their husbands to attend church, men who have delegated the leadership role to their wife or kids – passive men. What could be the reason?

I think a big part of the reason is that we have never talked about biblical manhood. God designed man for a certain reason. We have in so many ways lost our masculinity. The church has also forgotten to celebrate manhood.

Last month during our world conference in Manila, a group of New Zealanders perfromed the HAKA in front of 18000 people. Men and women were clapping and cheering as they see men on stage celebrating biblical manhood. It was a rare sight. It contines to be a rare sight in church.

So how do we raise Biblical manhood in our church and community.

1. Put real men on stage/pulpit. Last thing you want is to have a soft men on stage. The girls might love it but you won’t be attracting men.

2. Address issues of manhood – it is healthy for churches to talk about manhood and challenge men in their masculinity. Freely talk about homosexuality and taboo subjects like porn, masturbation, adultery and the likes.

3. Model manhood by putting key men in leadership positions – The Bible has given us guidelines on who to appoint as elders and deacons of the church – all requiring them to MAN UP and lead actively.

4. Be deliberate in creating an atmosphere where men thrives. A lot of churches are female-oriented. You are greeted by women (mostly old grandmas), then the stage is peppered with flowers, the music is outdated, the preacher never preaches on leadership, Jesus as the man, responsibility and the roles of men.


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