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Why Marriages experience EPIC FAIL.

1.    Expectations – EXPECTATIONS VS DESIRES

Every couple talks about their desires before the wedding day. They laugh, dream and hope. They made it a point to love each other whether the desire would be achieved or not. But something happens when the couple says I do. Desires become expectations. And when desire turns into expectations the dynamic of the relationship changes. It is no longer about appreciating your partner – it is expecting. It becomes a debt- debtor relationship. When expectations go beyond what is expected of the Bible – it becomes burdensome.

2.    Passive leadership

When men becomes passive – the wife leads and the man submits. Men you can’t be passive – take the lead role. Lead your wife spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically. Man up and learn. Women are sick and tired of playing the role of the hiusband.

3. Insincere submission

This is another leadership issue. Women reading this blog – if you cannot submit to your boyfriend – then do everyone a favor and break it up. Man polish your leadership skills. Don’t give them the submit to your husbands because the Bible says so – model leadership – dont just quote the Scripture. For sure – they know it already – they just need you to lead.

Wives – submit the same way you submit to Christ. The same way you love and surrender your life to jesus is the same surrender Jesus commands you in Scripture

Eph. 5:22  Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.

4. Communication Problems

Uh-huh, good, busy. Yeah. Words that pisses our partners when asked how our day was and what we think about a certain topic. Ill be blogging on this TOPIC the coming months


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