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Another one of the topics pastors and churches would rather not preach in church because of its controversial nature but we can’t keep a blind eye on what’s happening in our culture today.

A friend of mine said that in one of the public schools in the Philippines they at least 4 out of 10 are homosexuals. How come nobody is talking about it except Rustom Padilla?

So here are my uncensored thoughts on homosexuality:

1. The church should never bash homosexuals. Christ has called us to love people – even homosexuals. Homosexuality should never be categorized as a special sin. A hot tempered man is a sinner, a glutton is a sinner, a sexual pervert is a sinner. Don’t think that homosexuality is a SIN of its own. We must love homosexuals and lovingly confront and help them.

2. Most of my homosexual friends have a troubled past. Some people are homophobic because they never heard the story. I was such in the past but when I started hearing the stories of my friends it breaks my heart. I received a phone call years ago from a close friend who recounted to me how his dad played him. I was in tears after the conversation and could only utter “God why would anybody do that to his own son?” The roles of the father is very crucial. Manhood is imparted by the Fathers. We are living in a fatherless generation. There is no true model of biblical manhood so don’t expect to see MEN to act like real MEN if nobody is going to impart it to them. I recommend for every man to read “WILD AT HEART” to fully understand what I am blogging here. Dads, it is time to step it up and be like real men and father our kids. If you are struggling with homosexuality, it would be great if you surround yourself with godly men who can help you and coach you spiritually, emotionally and physically.

3. Homosexuality is a SIN. I know this might offend some of you but I have to clearly paint what the Bible says. Nobody is born a homosexual. No baby comes out of the womb and cries Uh- wah, uh wah. Homosexuality is a choice. As much as a traumatic past can be a good reason to be homosexual it does not excuse us from choosing not to be. A good friend of mine who is now courting a girl admitted in the past that he had this tendency to be attracted to the same sex because when he was young his uncle molested him but it did not became an excuse for him to practice homosexuality. By God’s grace, he made a decision to be a MAN because God made him one.

4. Don’t believe the lies. Once a homosexual, will always be one or it’s in my genes. No conclusive study has been made about this. The Bible is clear. Hope can be found in Jesus. Don’t think your sin is too big to overcome. You have a story to tell. A story of hope and restoration. A story that Jesus can make you be the MAN you ought to be.


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