The Male Chauvinist Baboy

Taking Manhood Back

The Male Chauvinist Baboy

It is hard to define a real man. Men who did not grow up with the proper understanding of biblical manhood or it was not ever modeled by the men around him usually ( and I say usually, not all the time) end up in either 2 categories: Coward and Chauvinist.

I say usually because I know of men who are neither coward or chauvinist. They are men who have learned to embrace the roles of biblical manhood and have taken on the full responsibility of a man. So let us look at the 2nd category: THE MALE CHAUVINIST BABOY

Chauvinist 1: NO SISSY STUFF SAM


Chauvinist 3: GIVE EM HELL HANK

Chauvinist 4: I’M THE BOSS BOB

Are you a Male Chauvinist baboy? Oink if you are.


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