Taking Manhood Back


A lot of men take charge if they are only sure that the girl likes them. They wait and see if they have a fat chance of getting the girl. So what do they do – they test the girl. They try to prey on their target and send wrong signals. Meanwhile the girl is confused. Does this guy really like me? So she is left with two options.

Number 1: Show the guy I am interested.

Number 2: Tell the guy what is he up to.

When girl chooses option 1 – the segurista goes for the kill. He pounces on her with gifts, sweet nothings and affections that would mesmerize this girl.

When girl chooses option 2 and confronts the segurista – the segurista usually cowers in fear and backs away. He feels that he has no chance because the girl was firm when she confronts. This is where you seperate the boys from the real men.

The real man shows his true intentions whether he thinks he has a chance or not. He goes for the girl and pursues her. He takes the risk and gives it his best shot. Sadly, we have seen so many SEGURISTAS in our nation, men who are afriad to take risk and pursue the girl he might marry someday.

For the segurista men – they have taken out the adventure of rescuing the girl and courting the princess. They would rather be safe and not risk and they are missing a whole lot in the development of their character and courage. Hopefully, one day when somebody courts my daughter – he would be man enough to take the risk and face the challenge head on.


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