What the Groom is thinking during Wedding Preparations

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What the Groom is thinking during Wedding Preparations

What goes in the mind of a REAL MAN during wedding preparations?

He sees her woman taking care of the gown, the ring, the program, the guest list, the errands, the flowers, the color, the ambiance – does he really care?

YES but I tell you it might not show that he cares. Why? Two things he is thinking of.

1. MONEY – where am I going to get all the money to pay for this. He is now thinking about touching his savings, sacrificing the 42 inch LED TV and putting it into a one day event when he can enjoy the TV for more than 5 years. He doesn’t care about the color – he is only thinking of the colors that comes out of his wallet.

Woman, he cares but he is thinking of something more important – the payment to secure the dream that you want. The wedding dream. If you want him to get more involved he would just mess up the plan. He will tell you this is the money – where will you get the additional money for that. Woman – surprise your man, do the planning and give him the receipt and he will take care of it – that is his contribution unless he is the hands on type who wants to be part of every detail of the wedding. If that is the case then maybe the motive is still the money. He controls – you spend less – you dream less – you innovate more.

Second thing that runs in his mind is HONEYMOON!

In plain language SEX. Yes SEX, SEX, SEX. He is thinking when is this going to be over? I’ve spend all this money so I could have sex with my wife at the end of the day. This once again proves that men would do anything to get you to bed – even if it means spending a lot for your wedding to get you to bed.

1Cor. 7:36 ΒΆ But if any man thinks he is behaving improperly toward his virgin, if she is past the flower of youth, and thus it must be, let him do what he wishes. He does not sin; let them marry.

Just remember this – don’t have sex before marriage. Be a man and respect your girl. She ain’t yours till you show her the ring and actually marry her. REAL MEN don’t commit pre-marital sex. He waits for the right time.

To the women – give your man a break. He is as stressed as you are thinking about the money and the sex. Appreciate him and let him be. He has a lot on his mind.


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