Expendables can help you

Taking Manhood Back

Expendables can help you

What do you get when you gather the more mature, the have been there done that action stars and make an action film – you get a top rating movie even if there is no compelling story in the story. The movie EXPENDABLES is not for women – it is for men. Watching it does not require much knowledge but there is something you need to get from it – the impartation of manhood.

Manhood does not mean guns and violence – that is the role of the bad guys in the movie.

Manhood means protecting the girl, rescuing the girl, loving the girl the Statha and Stallone way.

Manhood means authentic man – relationship when you have no family like Jet-Li.

Manhood means having men around you holding you accountable before you go Dolph Lundgren on them.

Manhood is having someone like a Mickey Rourke reminding you of your purpose and destiny.

Manhood is having your band of brothers like Couture and Crews behind you when you need them.

Manhood is about forgiving because the value of relationship is far more valuable than money. Do the Stallone thing when Dolph Lundgren does his betrayal act on you.