Taking Manhood Back


When we stop living the adventure of manhood we tend to replace it with things. Given a choice between real live adventure and things – I’d choose the adventure BUT it seems like today’s men would rather choose the safe side and settle for things to fulfill their manhood.

Let me give you an example that is close to every man’s heart: SPORTS.

I love sports. I love to rough it up with fellow men especially when we play basketball. Some choose tougher sports like MMA, boxing, and the likes but for a lot of men today we have settled for video games. Instead of playing on the court, we place the basketball court in our plasma TV, turned the airconditoner on, sit in our coach and play the whole season of NBA LIVE and settle our love for sports with our game controllers.

It also applies to pursuing women.

We can’t get the girl – because first of all we don’t have a decent job that provides us to pursue the girl, we rarely clean ourselves up and think that the girl whould fall in love with us even if we smell bad or don’t brush our teeth. We don’t develop our leadership skills thus turining off a lot of women because we can’t lead properly. So than to go thru the hassle of finding a girl we buy an IPAD and fill it up with APPS or a car, or a gadget and make it our girlfriend. Pitiful but true.

It also applies to SEX. Since you can’t get the girl – you try to buy sex or manipulate women to have sex with you. You prey on weak willed women and take advantage of her. For some who can’t manipulate a girl to bed – you settle with pornography. You buy a magazine and have sex with the pin up girl in your room. Sad but once again true. Everytime we masturbate we are having sex not just with ourself but with a thing. A picture of a girl who can’t respond so it feels like you have power over her. It shows how we as men have lost our masculinity.

And the problem goes back to a distorted view of manhood. We have forgotten the role of men as pictured in the Bible. God created us to be pursuers, cultivators and leaders. He created us for adventure. Adam was created outside the garden – Adam was made in the wilderness – a picture of adventure. And everytime we try to exchange adventure for a thing we are exchanging our identity.

Men – we are not created in the garden. Eve was created in the garden. She was surrounded with the flowers and the birds and the bees but not men. We are made for adventure. Don’t settle for the IPHONE APP – get in the thick of adventure.