Man of the Month: Noynoy Aquino

Taking Manhood Back

Man of the Month: Noynoy Aquino

It is a rare sight to see a powerful man own up to the mistakes he had made especially if it is of gigantic proportion. When everyone were pointing fingers and nobody wants to take responsibility for the fiasco that happened – President Noynoy took the lead and took responsibility.

A real man takes responsibility when things go wrong. A real man knows how to say SORRY sincerely. A real man leads by example. Noynoy showed the world this is how a real man acts.

On the other hand, we see a bad example of manhood and leadership. In light of the president’s apology, a local lawmaker told the president that since he has owned up to the hostage crisis that occured – it would be better for the president to step down. Now that is a DUD. Somebody who loves to talk but never puts the principle into practice. It reminds me of a man who were giving us marriage advices while his marriage is in shambles.

To our president – I give you the MAN OF THE MONTH AWARD. Isa kang tunay na LALAKI!


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