The Zombies Invaded my House

Taking Manhood Back

The Zombies Invaded my House

The craze continues. Almost all I know are into Plants vs Zombies. Young, old, Mac users and Pc users. So I gave it a try 3 weeks ago and I got hooked – maybe addicted is the right word. Plants vs Zombies is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. Once you start – you can’t stop. There are more zombies to kill compared to the resident evil games.

When my wife saw the game installed in my computer she knew it was not wise – with all the responsibilities she feels adding one more time waster was not wise or to say it bluntly stupid and dumb.

And stupid and dumb I was. I thought this would not get me hooked. This would act as a stress reliever. I even tried to justify that this is just a game of spiritual warfare. Pastors are to destory the works of the devil and zombies one of them.

After three weeks I realized something. The zombies got the best of me. Spending at least a n hour a day playing the dumb addicting game took its toll. Instead of reading, learning, spending time with family, talking with my wife – I had to fight the zombies invading my MAC.

Three days ago and with thousands of zombies killed but millions still wanting to invade my house I knew I had to make a hard decision. This might be funny but it was really a hard decision. I know time was up. I’ve realized that the zombies got a hold of me.

Here am I talking about biblical manhood and responsibility but I can’t even fight this zombie stuff. So I did the unthnkable – I erased the file. I eliminated the zombie – Resident Evil Alice Style.

I am not saying playing computer games is a sin. Same goes with online poker, facebooking, tweeting or anything we do in extreme but a lot of things we do are dumb and not beneficial to you, your wife, your kids and your personal development. I hope this blog wouldn’t come out as me being self-righteous and the ultimate model on how to be responsible guy. I am far from being one and I am a work in progress and there are more zombies that I need to overcome through God’s grace.


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