Leading at Home

Taking Manhood Back

Leading at Home

If a man isn’t a leader anywhere else in his life, he must be a leader at home. – Steve Farrar

Let’s just assume that you ain’t leading in the workplace or in your community, but if there is one thing you cannot do is drop the ball at home.

Lead your wife. Cultivate her and love her as Christ loved the church. Make decisions that would help the family grow in their faith in Christ.

Lead your kids. Lead with tenderness. Express confidence in your sons and express love and affection to your daughters. At home, discipline your kids when they sin.

Lead them spiritually. Be the prayer leader. Your wife maybe the prayer warrior but initiate spiritual conversations at home.

Lead them emotionally. Be strong and courageous. Men in the Bible love to say this to the people they are leading especially men.

Lead with tender strength. Know when to use tenderness and know when to use your strength. Leading is like walking in a tightrope all the time. Balance well.