Using your Power to Serve and Protect

Taking Manhood Back

Using your Power to Serve and Protect

I was finally able to watch IP Man 1 last night. My borthers were raving how good this movie was so when I saw the DVD in Thailand I bought it. IP Man is about a kung fu master who uses his skills to serve and protect and not to misuse it. IP Man has 2 million disciples including Bruce Lee.

One unforgettable scene was when IP Man saw one of his friends mistreated and killed by a Japanese soldier in a Martial Art tournament. Here is the scene:

Also during the last fight where he was given an order by the Japanese to make sure the Japanese general wins – heexplains why he can’t teach the Japanese kung fu because they use it to abuse power and not help.

It reminds me of what God commands us men to be. To protect and serve our spouse and our family. We don’t abuse the power and the role given to us by God. We use it for his glory.

Here is the last fight scene

Men – God has given you a different kind of strength – use it properly. With great power comes great responsibility.


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