I can’t trust myself

Taking Manhood Back

I can’t trust myself

When it comes to moral and sexual purity – I can’t trust ME. No way am I trusting me. I have built boundaries to help me not fall and let me share some of them to you.

1. No driving in the car alone with a woman except my wife and family.

2. Not initiating chats, messages, texting with the opposite sex.

3. No coffee, brakfast, lunch, dinner with the opposite sex anytime anywhere just the two of us.

4. I installed the X3 watch software in my laptop and IPAD to keep me accountable at all times.

In spite of all these moral boundaries – I still can’t trust me so my top secret really is:

5. Jesus is my deliverer. This might sound religious or cliche-ish but it’s true. On my own I can’t but only by the grace of God can I achieve such feat. Trust Jesus not you.


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