Taking Manhood Back


So here is the promise part 3 of A MAN’S PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING THE GIRL.

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4. Leadership Preparation.

Since man in the beginning has been ordained by God to lead – he must prepare his leadership skills. Can you lead this woman to the direction where God wants your life and marriage to be?

I ask Thammie why with all the men that courted her, (some rich, some handsome, some talented), why she chose me? Her answer was simple and it did ministered a lot to me that I share this to single men that I meet who ask me why they can’t woo a girl.

Here was Thammie’s answer, ” Because I can see myself submitting under your leadership.” Up until now I think it was just “God” for her to say that line but I am currently learning how to be the best leader in my marriage and family.

Men – you need to prepare your leadership. Women are tired of leading the relationship. Men, you bring home the bacon, men you provide loving leadership and security to your wife and kids, men you provide the identity of your kids.

Not leading is costly. Read books on leadership. Highlight passages of Scripture that talks about leadership and apply it.

5. Spiritual preparation.

I think this is the most neglected but the most important preparation every man must do. We are spiritual beings and we need to prepare spiritually. Men are not just providers they are spiritual leaders. We are responsible to create the spiritual atmosphere in our relationships.

You have to know your Bible, you have to pray. You have to obey Scripture. You have to trust in the power of God. You have to be empowered by the Spirit if you want to be successful in leading and loving the girl. It is a total surrender to the will of God in your life.

Why was I able to get Thammie? In a nutshell, it was God’s will. And if God wills, she will.

Let me end with this thought:

God as a loving Father won’t give her daughter away to a man who won’t show himself a man. Man up, trust God and prepare as you lead.


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