The Secret to Getting a Really Beautiful, Georgeous WOO!!man

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The Secret to Getting a Really Beautiful, Georgeous WOO!!man

Who would have thought – this Chinese fat guy would marry someday. And not just marry a girl but a really beautiful one. A lot of men are asking how I was able to do that? What was my secret? After so many questions on the same line and topic I was actually tempted to write a book about it. Anyway if I get to find time to write one it might be a good book to write. Here are some secret ingredients that I felt like I had to be able to woo the woman of my dreams.

1. Grace of God – yup not totally me. It was totally God. Grace of God.

I usually say that me marrying my wife was a favor from God and she marrying me was God’s grace. I think every man needs to understand that when God gives us a wife it is totally His grace. We are imperfect people and for someone to decide to love us with the love of the Lord is totally grace.

2. The providential will of God.

We were discussing the LIST that we made when we were still single. A list of what we want in our future spouse – from the looks to the attitude and the likes. Funny because moist of Thammie’s list was the total opposite of who I am. So how did we end up marrying each other – the PROVIDENTIAL WILL of GOD.

It is God who touches and changes heart. When we were so caught up in making a list of the perfect guy and girl – God ends up giving us an imperfect partner. This is to show His sovereignty and His grace. The gospel revealed in courtship.

3. Lordship.

What?!!! Lordship. How in the world?…… Well somebody ask me one time if I feel like I was so unworthy of Thammie’s love. After hearing that question I wonder whether that was an insult or an insult. Anyway, why do I say Lordship of Jesus Christ. Because even though some people still wonder how I was able to woo such a beautiful girl – there was never an instance that I feel like I was unworthy of Thammie’s love. Before Thammie – I was already complete in Christ. I was happy. She was happy. We were both complete and now that we are husband and wife – it was an added bonus and not a required commitment for God to give me one.

Men, you have to be complete in Christ. Women you too. You can’t make your partner be your source of life and completeness. Tom Cruise was wrong when he said “YOU COMPLETE ME”. Christ completes us.

Tomorrow I’ll share the practical side to wooing the woman of your dreams


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