The NOT Stock investment

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The NOT Stock investment

If you are a stock market investor, one of the most crucial thing to do before putting in your money as an investment is to really study the company you’ll invest in. Not doing so would be very costly.

When it comes to investments and money, people are careful and they do invest heavily.

I am currently reading a book “Gracenomics: Unleash the Power of Second Chance Living” by Mike Foster and he wrote something that struck me. He writes,

” When it comes to self deprecation, we adopt logic that wouldn’t fly anywhere else in our lives. In a sad, counter-intuitive move, we invest emotionally and psychologically in the messages that are least promising – the stocks that will cost us the most.”

Mike Foster calls it the (NOT) stock.

We’re NOT thin enough

We’re NOT loved by those we want love from.

We’re NOT making any impact at our job

We’re NOT going to kick the addiction

We’re NOT going to be able to fix that embarassing mistake.

We’re NOT cutting it at school or work.

We’re NOT going to make it.

And even though we never see any positive dividends, we just keep buying into the stock. We keep investing in messages that lower the value of our portfolio.

So what stocks are you currently NOT investing in?