Ten Ways Women Can do Men a Favor

Taking Manhood Back

Ten Ways Women Can do Men a Favor

1. Single women, let the man pursue you. Don’t court the man.

2. Tell the man upfront if he doesn’t stand a chance.

3. Wives, let your man take the lead in your marriage. If you are heading it up, start small by asking him to decide where you guys are going to eat out tonight and then move to bigger decisions.

4. Please don’t pose sexy pics of yourself online for the whole world to see and to tempt men to lust over you.

5. If a man flirts with you – tell him you are not that kind of girl.

6. Give him some alone time when he asks for it, and don’t ask him why he needs it.

7. Focus on his strengths and not his weaknesses. Be his number one cheerleader.

8. Lower your expectations of us and appreciate men more. Dont expect for a perfect man. We do make mistakes and lots if it.

9. Don’t baby your man. Man him up – speak words like “you are the man, you are so strong, you are the best” Men would love to hear the words “I AM PROUD OF YOU” more than the words “I LOVE YOU”

10. Pray for godly, biblical man to rise up in our generation.


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