What Women are looking for.. ( the practical blog)

Taking Manhood Back

What Women are looking for.. ( the practical blog)

Last week I blogged about 3 secrets to get the woman of your dreams, click here. Today let me share to you some practical things you need to do to help you as you court the girl God wants for you.

1. Physical preparation

– you don’t have to be Brad Pitt handsome but you have to be presentable. Some men argue that they want real authenticity which means they won’t brush their teeth, comb their hair and still wear their favorite shirt – that is like their x-factor then don’t wonder if nobody wants to go out with you.

I needed to make some adjustment that has now become a lifestyle for me. Like taking a bath – before I take a bath once a day – who cares? Nobody. But when I started getting serious about life and the girl that i want wanted me clean and smelling good then I have to take a bath 2x a day and brush my teeth 3x a day.

2. Emotional preparation

you have to be strong because you are the man. It should be you listening and helping the girl solve her problems and not the other way around all the time. Have you seen a movie where the princess saves the man. You don’t. Men are to be strong. Once again I am not saying that you can’t show your weakness but a woman looks for security. It is a need they have and the man God provides for them should give them that.

Many men who have problems try to bring the woman to their problem. I know someone who really had a bad case of depression. I talked them out of marriage because I knew it was going to be a problem. The girl at that time told me that she loved the man – with depression or no depression. They got married and now she wants out. I reminded her what she told me years ago – and she has to live with that commtiment. So before you even court a girl, make sure you are prepared emotionally. Deal with the problems and demons with Jesus before you get a girl involved in whatever problems you have. If you love her, you will spare her. Let Jesus solve your problem first.

3. Financial preparation.

It has been said time and time again the number one cause of fights in marriage is MONEY. The lack of it most of the time but it seems like engaged couples take this lightly. Here is my advice to the women reading this blog. If you can lower your standard of living and live below the means of your future husband go and marry the guy but if you can’t,  think!!!

Another thing ladies, some of the guys courting you now are struggling financially but if you see the fire in their eyes that they are doing something about the situation then I think you can live with it.

Guys – do yourself a favor. God has given us the biblical mandate to provide for our spouse. You can’t marry without money. Prepare yourself financially. Open a savings account, learn investments, be more creative in finding jobs that could support your family.

To be continued……..


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