10 Ways MEN can do Women a Favor

Taking Manhood Back

10 Ways MEN can do Women a Favor

You have read 10 ways on how women can do men a favor, now let’s turn the table and give you ten ways Men can do Women a favor:

1. Lead the relationship. Stop passing the role of leadership to your wife or worst your fiancee. Be the leader spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.

2. Get a job. Stop letting your girlfriend pay for your dates.

3. Read your Bible. You can’t spiritually lead if you are running on empty. Men should be practical theologians.

4. Practice reverse engineering as you plan for the future.

5. Don’t assume you are God’s gift to women.

6. Be a one woman MAN. Nothing is more precious than making sure your committed to the one you have committed your life to. Plain and simple plan so stick to the commitment.

7. Do give your wife non-sexual hugs every day. Not all hugs lead to the bed.

8. For single men – keep your hands off and her clothes on. Best advice given to me when I was courting Thammie.

9. Provide financially. If you enter a relationship, count the cost literally.

10. Communicate, listen, understand. Tough one but can be accomplished by God’s grace if you know what I mean.


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