2011 Weight Goal

Taking Manhood Back

2011 Weight Goal

I will be starting a challenge this January 1. One of the thing that I have been fighting is my weight problem. I have blogged, about this, exercised, go to the gym but to no avail because admittedly I succumb to the temptation of food but for 2011 by God’s grace and strength… it will be a fight for my health.

Prior to January 1 here is my BMI.

Dennis Sy

Weight: 199.6lbs/ 90.7kg

Ht. 5’5’’ /1.65m

Waist: 114cm     Hips:  111.5cm

BMI: 33kg/m2

W:H- 1.0

I am an obese according to my BMI (body mass index). In the next 12 weeks starting January 1 – the goal is to move my BMI to 20-23kg/m2.

I am mentally and physically preparing myself for this biggest challenge. I need your prayers. It is time I start acting like a man when it comes to my weight.

I will be documenting the food intake and the process of losing weight and living healthy in the next 12 weeks. Hopefully this would help and encourage everyone to lose weight and be healthy.

This is ME 2004:

This is a shot taken December 24 2010. Tsk, tsk, tsk

Time to change. 2011 here I come!!!!


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