Taking Manhood Back


A family took shelter in their basement while a violent storm raged outside.

After the storm had passed, the father opened the front door to survey the damage outside and saw a downed power line sparking in the street. Suddenly his five year old daughter ran past him, heading for the snapping, sparking wire. “Laurie, stop”, he yelled! The little girl kept running. “Laurie, I said stop”, he commanded! Starting to run after her. She kept running toward the enticing cable. “Stop now, Laurie,” he bellowed! But little Laurie reached down, touched the cable and was instantly killed.

Laurie’s dad had never wanted his daughter to get mad at him. So he avoided discipline. Now she was dead. The heartbreaking tragedy didn’t just happen that day. It happened every time that man should have said “no” to his child, and didn’t.

Fathers are we consistent. Do our kids understand the meaning of the word NO! I hope they do before it is too late.


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