When the Man can’t Lead

Taking Manhood Back

When the Man can’t Lead

I get this all the time, “Dennis what if my man can’t lead?” Tough question……

Let me answer this by talking first to the single ladies. Ladies, if your man ( fiancee, boyfriend) can’t lead there is still time to back out of the relationship. I think that is the simplest advice I could give.

Now let me talk to the single man who thinks he can’t lead: Then don’t expect women to follow. You can’t remove the leadership call that God has given you. We are wired to lead and if it takes you exposing yourself to great leaders, reading leadership books, prayer and fasting – then do it. Leadership is caught most of the time.

Now it is tricky when you are married to a man who can’t lead – there is no way out of the relationship. Divorce is not an option but here are some tips to married women.

1. Let him lead in the small stuff first. Let him decide where you are eating out, what music to be played in the car.

2. Then gradually let him lead in bigger stuff.

3. Control yourself from leading it. Let him make some few mistakes. He will learn from it.

4. Submit to his leadership no matter how dumb some of his decisions are. It will be a process for him to start leading the relationship.

To the married man who is not leading:

1. Start exposing yourself to men who are successful in their marriage and ask how they are able to do it.

2. Invest on friendship with couples who you admire and double date.

3. Start preparing yourself for leadership – read books, pray for leadership to be bestowed in you by God.

4. Decide to start leading. I don’t see any other way.