Act like a Man contest

Taking Manhood Back

Act like a Man contest

I think it is high time we see some audience participation. Act like a Man is holding a free contest and we are giving away some freebies for our winners.

So here is the contest:

1. Submit an article on any subject relating to manhood ( as in anything – from exercise, health, spiritual articles, sports, women, marriage, courtship and the likes).

2. I will choose 6 winners for the month and will post the 6 top articles in this site. Imagine having thousands of people reading your article. It would give you more opportunities to speak your mind to a wider audience.

3. Not only do you get web exposure but we will mail you a free book by Gary Smalley¬† – “Men’s Relational Toolbox”.

Contest is open for all ages, men or women. So start writing!!!!

Email all entries at :


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