I lost 12 llbs in 3 weeks

Taking Manhood Back

I lost 12 llbs in 3 weeks

Since January 1, I have decided to take the challenge of living a healthier lifestyle. It was born out of a conviction from God that I really need to be strong if I want to last long in the ministry and the job I am in.

My journey to weight loss and healthy living has been a see saw battle. Last year was really tough. I knew if there was one major thing that I need to overcome it was my weight.

So in 3 weeks time, let me give you a report of how I have been doing and what I have been doing.

Week 1: Started cutting off my food intake.

Less food. Started to take a supplement to help my liver problem since my last annual check there was an irregularity in my liver. Once liver is hit, it would be hard to live healthy. Here are some functions of the liver.

To produce substances that break down fats, convert glucose to glycogen, produce urea (the main substance of urine), make certain amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), filter harmful substances from the blood (such as alcohol), storage of vitamins and minerals (vit A and D, K and B12) and maintain a proper level or glucose in the blood. The liver is also responsible for producing cholesterol. It produces about 80% of the cholesterol in your body.

I started reading the book 4 HOUR BODY by Tim Ferriss which I highly recommend. I think the book is available in Fully Booked. Great book but won’t recommend some parts of it.

Week 2: Seven days of prayer and fasting

Just like Joshua, I knew I can’t enter this battle for my health without the Lord giving me the strength. I don’t want to go back to my same routine of yoyo dieting. I have ask God to help me and sustain me as I face one of the biggest battles of my life – my obesity.

The Seven day fasting did not just enriched my growth in God but it really helped me jump start my weight loss plan. I lost 10 pounds after week 2 of January.

Week 3: P90 and the Slow Carb Diet Plan

Bought all the necessary stuff to start my exercise and health plan.

1. Went to the grocery to buy some fish, tuna, vegetable, salad dressing, lentils and beans.

2. Bought some necessary supplements for rapid fat loss. No diet pills and controversial pills – just the safe supplements as recommended in the 4 hour body book.

3. One of our church member gave me the P90 workout by Tony Horton and I have been implementing it at the comfort of my home. I have enlisted my wife to workout with me so it makes it a lot easier.My 4 year old daughter also exercises using the P90 program. No more expensive gym memberships.

4. Bought some basic weight equipment. A pair of dumbell for the P90 program. A 5 llb dumbell would work for the P90 workout for beginners.

5. Started doing the slow carb diet plan which I hope to blog about the next few weeks. Have to see the effect first in my body before I blog it.

So here are my stats for the week.

Weight: 190 llbs (started off at 202llbs)

Waist: 107 cm ( started off at 114 cm)

Hips: 104 cm ( started off at 111.5 cm)


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