Timing and Taming

Taking Manhood Back

Timing and Taming

Here is a great lesson we learn this morning at the Victory group I am leading in honoring your wife:

Honor means to value or to put in high esteem. Husbands and men need to learn the art of honoring. It is so easy to dwell on the mistakes of our spouse or your girlfriend but as all of us know it is not healthy to focus and dwell on the negative. In a way, if we are not careful with our words – we dishonor our partner thus affecting their attitude because the words of a man is powerful.

So how do I honor my spouse?

1. Taming the tongue.

Learn to tame the tongue. If you don’t have anything good to say – shut up! Don’t degrade or devalue your wife by speaking hurtful, accusatory and demeaning words. Praise her and lift her up. If you know what you are about to say won’t encourage her or lift her up – don’t say it unless you want to ruin her day thus ruining yours. When was the last time you honored your wife? When was the last time you lifted her up in private and in public. Does she know you love and support her no matter what.

2. Timing the tongue.

Tony Moran, one of the businessman in our men’s group shared his secret. When correcting your wife – find the right timing. Since it is the role of the husband to lead his wife, he must learn timing. You don’t just correct but you time your correction. Men who are married for more than a year understands this. There is a time for everything. Time the correction right and sandwich it with encouragement and support.

I think learning this 2 principles would save you from unwanted and useless fights and produce a healthier communication with your spouse.