Why Act Like a Man?

Taking Manhood Back

Why Act Like a Man?

Who defines us men? Where do we get the queue that we are no longer boys? How do we step into manhood? You ask around and everybody will tell you something different and the reason for such is that nobody knows.

A man might say that he is a man because of his sexual adventures with different women.

Another man might tell you that the day he earned his first million pesos is what defined him as a man.

Or another might say because he is now a husband, he is a man.

So what makes a man?

Thousands of men have visited this site to ask WHAT MAKES A MAN? HOW DO I ACT LIKE A MAN? The reason this site existed is to precisely answer the question every man is asking – HOW DO I BECOME A MAN? Our vision is to take manhood back to its original design – how God intended it to be.