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Classic Manhood

A teenager is making news in America because he refuses to wrestle with a girl. Some people have lambasted Joel Northrup but I think what he did was commendable.

Manhood lesson: Don’t wrestle a girl. Men protect women not wrestle with them. You can give me all the women empowerment stuff but I still think and believe that what Joel did was rare and should be honored.

Here is a news clip from CBSNEWS and Joel explains why he needed to back off the fight. Joel is no Mayweather!!!

(CBSNews)For a high school wrestler in Iowa, the chance to compete for the state championship is revered and time-honored tradition. Joel Northrup entered last week’s tournament ranked fifth in his weight class. He was hoping to come home with a title, but made a decision instead to walk away from the competition right before his first match. Northrup was pitted against 14-year-old Cassandra Herkelman – one of two girls to ever qualify for the state finals in its 85-year history.

But Northrup refused to compete against his female opponent and forfeited the match, citing personal and religious reasons, making Herkelman the first female to win a match in a state tournament.

But why, exactly, did he do it?

On “The Early Show” Northrup explained himself, saying that wrestling is a “combat sport.”

“It gets violent at times,” he said. “And you get put in compromising holds and positions, and I just don’t feel it’s right that a boy should engage a girl in a manner like this.”

“Early Show” co-anchor Erica Hill said, “You have worked really hard for this. So has Cassy. You’re both very passionate about your sport. She clearly understands to get to the level that both of you are at what this sport entails. That there are a lot of rough moments. And she knowing, too, that you weren’t going after her as a girl, but as an opponent. Being that she’s OK with it, why can’t you then, in fact, step in the ring with her?”

Northup said, “Well, like I just said, I mean, it – you get put in holds that are compromising. And, I mean, she deserves to be out there. But I do believe that if she does wrestle, she should wrestle other girls. And I should wrestle other boys.”