Man and His Father

Taking Manhood Back

Man and His Father

Michael Eijansantos, founder of – A premiere board sport blog in the Philippines, writes about his father.

Man is made to lead and become a leader. When I was a child, my dad thought me to face any challenges in my life. I was raised by my father to stand up whenever I fall down, to compete and not to complain, to win and not to loose and yes, he molded me, he directed me into what I am now, successful, physically active, and married to a beautiful woman in my life, and it’s all because of my earthly father and our Heavenly Father.

Growing up with a father is a very important milestone in a child’s life. A father leads a family, provides for a family and never leaves his family behind. Growing up with my dad was a blessing but the absence of my mom while  growing up made it incomplete, unbalanced and not stable. My mom left us when I was still an infant, but I managed to overcome it and now I am reconciled with my mom.

My dad raised me well, supported me in my sport, basketball, letting me ride my bike and led me into manhood by giving me advices and tips on how to court and respect a girl. He carved a way for me to find my self, an adventurer, a man who’s hungry for challenges and deeply in love by the wilderness. John Eldredge mentioned in his book entitled, Wild at heart, “Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into soul of man”. It described how man is connected to its wild side, that a man need not to be attached all day to its office chair, it says get out, engage in adventure, go climb a mountain, ride a bike, swim into an open sea!

I have experienced climbing a mountain, and proposed on the summit of Mt. Pico de Loro to the girl of my life, I have experienced swimming into the open sea when I enrolled my self for a life guard training, I have experienced long distance motorcycle drive (from Manila to Real, Quezon Vice versa. twice!), I surf the ocean waves, ride my longboard on a busy street (yeah, sometimes I use it for transportation) drop my self from a 50 ft tree, exploring caves and other things that I find challenging. Yes, I am blessed because I have done these things in my 25 years here on earth. And with this, I have developed my character of becoming a leader.

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