Impressed with TV5’s response to Janjan and Willie Revillame Issue

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Impressed with TV5’s response to Janjan and Willie Revillame Issue

Glad to see some things brewing with regards to the complaint file against the show Willing Willie and the Janjan episode. Here are the action TV5 is doing as of today:

Following is the full statement of TV5 on the measures it is undertaking with regard to the episode of “Willing Willie” that featured six-year-old Jan-Jan Suan in a dance routine that drew the ire of several quarters. ( is the online news portal of TV5.)

Further to our public apology on March 28, 2011, we wish to reassure our viewers and the public that the Network has taken steps to prevent the occurrence of any similar incident in the future.

The Network is currently conducting a thorough investigation on the incident. The investigation is led by the Network’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Roberto V. Barreiro, and Chief Legal Counsel, Atty. Christine C. Ona.

In the meantime, and pending the results of the investigation, the Network has already taken the following measures:

•    Caused the preparation of stricter guidelines on the appearance and performance of minors, particularly children, on all TV5 programs.

•    Required that all “Willing Willie” auditions as well as auditions of other TV5 programs be supervised by TV5 representatives designated by the TV5 Ombudsman.

•    Appointed an internal Ombudsman to review any incidents of this nature and to whom any complaints may be referred for immediate disposition. The Network’s Chief Legal Counsel, Atty. Christine C. Ona, has been designated as the Network’s Ombudsman.

•    Imposed a moratorium on the participation of minors in all contests and game shows on TV5 until such time that the preceding measures are fully in place.

We welcome the hearings of the MTRCB and other bodies as opportunities to further thresh out the issues and find solutions that will address the many concerns that have been expressed.  TV5 renews its commitment to responsible broadcasting and pledges to improve its programs as its way of thanking its viewers for their continued support and trust.

I think social media has helped expose a current trend in almost all shows in major networks. Hope for the continuous progression of the said incident all across the different media outlets.

Also I think it we need to understand that Willing Willie is under TV5 thus TV5 is bigger than Willing Willie. Let us pray for wisdom on how they can handle this matter with utmost care and wisdom.

Also I would like to urge everyone reading this blog to pray for our nation and the media. I believe God is shaking things up in our nation (including social media).

Pray also for a concrete plan to eradicate poverty and a paradigm shift among Filipinos with regards to money or the lack of it. I think the problem is a social problem and also a spiritual problem.

Pray for Willie Revillame and the producers of Willing Willie – that they will be enlightened with the truth that every man is valuable and that God commands us to honor people.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!