Is Living In a Sin?

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Is Living In a Sin?

This has been something that we face quite often in church today. Couples coming to us asking if we could bless their relationship. We would often ask, how long have you been married? Awkward pause and then they say we are not – we are living in. I have to talk to them that I can’t pray and bless their relationship because it contradicts God’s word and standard of marriage. We have seen some couples left the church because of this.

Now being good pastors, we deliberated and asked if we could come up with a prayer of blessing for those who are living in – trying to be sensitive to the needs of the people who attend our church and so as not to offend them as well. So we came up with a LIVING IN VOW and it goes something like this:

I, Rick, take you Monica, to be my cohabitant, to have sex with you and to hold you responsible for half of the bills, to love and take advantage of you, from this day forward, or as long as our arrangements works out. I will be, more or less, faithful to you, as long as my needs are met, and if nothing better comes along. If I should break up with you, it doesn’t mean this wasn’t special to me. Because I love you almost as much as I love myself. I commit to live with you for a while. So help me.. In the name of sex, options and selfishness.. AMEN.

Here is a video of the vow being made in the US.