Over Reacting to the Janjan and Willie Revillame issue

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Over Reacting to the Janjan and Willie Revillame issue

After my blog on Willie Revillame, I have received scores of people sympathizing with Janjan. To all who feel the same way, I think we have the right to speak up.

To all who have a different view of the issue I respect your opinions. Some comments were tasteless that I had to edit it out of respect to people reading this blog.

One funny thing though as I read the thread on my previous blog among people who disagree. The words OA (OVER REACTING keeps coming up).

I fully agree on you that I am over reacting. Guilty as charged. I also notice that most negative comments on my views were also OA. The use of foul and derogatory is I think also OA. And I’m cool with it.

Everybody is OA about something. We all are guilty as charged in reacting with passion.

Everybody is a fool for someone or something. Pity the man who is not a fool of anything.

I am OA. It is true. Here are some issues I am always over reacting:

1. The unconditional love of Jesus.

Even as I raise my protest against everybody involve in the Janjan issue – I am in so many ways guilty as everybody. Not because I laugh at Janjan but because I too have sinned. I love how one of the comments from someone who disagrees with my views quoted this verse in the thread -“ He who has no sin cast the first stone” I think this is one of the most quoted and misquoted Bible verse in our age. Let us not forget the next line of Jesus to the adulterous woman – Go and sin no more.

That is how Jesus loves. Everybody sins but Jesus came to save us from our sins. That is why I over react when it comes to the unconditional love of Jesus. He doesn’t JUST accept me for who I am, but he transforms me. Transformation happens when we encounter this Jesus. He doesn’t let us stay in sin – He realigns our purpose to His will.

To Willie, janjan, the dad of janjan, to janjan’s tita and to everyone including me – Jesus’ love is OA.

2. I also Over react when people are devalued.

On the same breath that I understand how Jesus loves, I over react when I see how we as people devalue others. If Jesus died for us, it means we are so valuable.

Once again I am guilty as charged. In a lot of ways I have devalued people in my life. Since understanding how God sees every person especially victims of cruelty and sin – I become OA.

When I saw Janjan’s video I over reacted. The kid does not know. He will one day review the video. He will one day realize how people devalued him in exchange for a little cash.

When we compare people’s value, happiness and joy in life with the money they get – we just devalued them. Money does not define who we are or our value. What would 10,000 pesos do to the kid? A few parties in Jollibee, buy his favorite toy and shirt and then what? What would a million pesos do to a person in exchange for his worth.

People are priceless. When you buy a car it devalues easily. When you buy a gadget it devalues easily. Same goes with land – not all land are as valuable when you buy them. There is only one thing you can’t pay – people.

Ninoy said Filipinos are worth dying for. Jesus died for us also.

Romans 5:8

8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Sinner or self righteous, Jesus died for sinners of whom I am the worst.

3. I OVER REACT when it comes to my kids and the next generation.

One of the comment in the thread was that I was over reacting because it was none of my business. Let me over react again. Anything that gets inside my home is my business and don’t tell me it is not. My kids don’t watch TV. We screen what they watch because my family is my business. I don’t know with others but in my house it is my business.

I over react when we would visit different schools in Metro Manila and see most of the students living in broken homes. Some have accused me of not helping the poor – how would you know? I made it my business to help the next generation to live honorable lives. To tell them they are worth more than money. We do feeding programs every week, we sponsor hundreds of scholars, we give to the poor and the needy, we help in whatever ways we can.

I think every man needs to be a generous man and to always remember the poor.

Galatians 2:10

10 All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.

4. And the last thing is I over react when men keep silent

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Tell me I am self righteous – you are right.

Tell me I am a sinner – you are right.

Tell me I am fool – you are right.

Tell me I am over reacting – you are right.

Question is: WHO ISN’T?????



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