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WIllie Revillame: Below the Belt

I write this with a heavy heart. I never would have thought that I will see a day like this when we celebrate the exploitation of boys in prime time TV. Some of the things we watch, we can let go but this is something that is way below the belt.

Now before I start ranting about media’s responsibility for wholesome programming, I think the bigger issue lies in our society is not media but that as a nation we celebrate the devaluing of people.

From sexy dancers in noontime and primetime TV that could have been categorized as soft porn in the 80’s or 90’s and now to the exploitation of boys ( not men, boys) in primetime TV.


I think this goes beyond Willie Revillame – it is for every man and woman that cheered, applauded and encouraged the boy who was in tears as he was dancing some macho dance reserved in sleazy bars – you have gone too far.

For the parents of this boy who pimped their kid to come out of national TV – shame on you. No loving parent would force their kid to do this.

For the producers of Willing Willie – you are morally responsible. For Willie, this is sickening. To force this boy to dance in this manner is so unmanly of you. I can’t think of a word to categorize what you just did to this boy. I think pimp is too mild a word.

To Janjan – the Bible says to not let anyone look down on you because you are young. You don’t have to follow what this men say. I can’t blame you Jan – you are just 6 years old and as I watch the video I knew you felt violated and raped for the world to see.

To everyone reading this blog, I urge you to share your sentiments by spreading this blog. It has to stop somewhere and I hope it stops soon or maybe our children are next.

Here is the video: Warning – what you see might disturb you.



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Pls spread this blog by spreading share or rewteeting it. Hope this challenges the current media practices we have.