Discipline is your foundation

Taking Manhood Back

Discipline is your foundation

Discipline is something that you must have. You can see an undisciplined person from miles away. Discipline means showing up, putting in the effort, taking responsibility for your actions, being pro-active – this sets the tone for the work that matters.

I’ve told this to my staff, and I’ve told this to people who work for me. I can put up with mistakes, immaturity, lack of focus but I cannot put up with the lack of effort. Some people work 8 hours but the effort they produce amounts to 2 hours. It is a total waste of time and resource.

Some people say I would rather have someone who works 2 hours but produces 8 hours of work. I still don’t agree. Why work for 2 hours when you are paid to work for 8 hours. Discipline is working 8 hours and producing 8 hours or more with your effort.

A lack of effort undermines everything that you have worked for. It affects the workplace, it affects your family, it affects your marriage. That is why a man must maintain discipline among those he leads.

“It’s discipline that gets you through adversity and discipline that is the very foundation of your goals and your mission statement. In short, discipline is the glue that holds everything together and it starts at the top. If you expect discipline from your followers then you must be disciplined yourself, in your work, in your personal life, in the environment you create.” – Rick Pitino