Leading with a Concrete Vision

Taking Manhood Back

Leading with a Concrete Vision

A man must lead with concrete vision.

We plan for many things. We plan our business. We plan our vacations. We have a concrete vision of wht we want to do. Sadly, we do have a concrete vision on things that don’t really matter.

Single Men, do you have a concrete vision for your marriage?

That is why I am for courtship and not dating. When I court a girl the premise is marriage. Dating has no game plan.

Daddies, do you have a concrete vision for your kids? What are the values you operate on to fulfill the vision?

Men, we cannot simply show up as the leader and just wish everything will turn out fine.Our vision must be compelling, contagious and worth pursuing. When we communicate our vision – the message has to be that change is not simply coming, it’s already here – with a vengeance.

Lou Holtz was asked how long it was going to take him to transform the University of South Carolina football program, which was woeful when he took it over, he said,  “Someone said Rome wasn’t built in a day. I like to think that’s because I wasn’t born yet.”