The Book of Basketball

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The Book of Basketball

Do you really want to know who the greatest NBA player who ever played the game?

Or the best assembled team in the NBA?

or the Alpha Dogs of NBA year in and year out?

or is Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain better?

or can the 96 Bulls beat the 86 Celtics?

What if someone could provide you the stats and the insights to prove to you that he has the answer?

Then you have to read this book by Bill Simmons, known as the basketball guy.

If you are not an NBA fan, don’t bother. If you are looking for leadership insights using basketball analogy – this has some great gems. I would not spoil you but if there is one great lesson in this book that is worth the money you’ll shell out – it is when Bill Simmons tell you the secret of why teams win championships.

Read it to find out. By the way, some of the languages he used where crude and offensive – just warning my Christian brothers who might be reading it.