Domino Effect (updated)

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Domino Effect (updated)

The year 1517. A historical year for the church of God. A monk by the name of Martin Luther after reading the book of Habakkuk was moved to write the 95 thesis and nail it at the church doors. The 95 thesis challenged the church’s practice of indulgences. Because of this act, Luther was excommunicated from the church and lived as a refugee. But that one act had a domino effect in the world today. Because of his courageous act – the Protestant reformation was born.


The year 1945, a factory owner named Oskar Schindler rescued 1097 people from the Nazi concentration camps. Because of that act of courage, he lost everything and died broke. But that one act had a domino effect. Today there are more than 6000 descendants of the Schindlerjuden.


The year 1984, an American missionary, Steve Murrell, went for a short term mission trip to the Philippines. He came here with limited funds and no intention of living long term. He helped start a ministry in the university belt. People said it was a mistake. You don’t start a church with young people. But that one act had a domino effect. Today there are more than 80,000 members of Victory Philippines



Small acts of courage can change the course of history. What is your latest act of courage?


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