MEN: Fight like a Girl

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MEN: Fight like a Girl

Here is a very important “NOTE TO SELF” blog. Conflicts between man and woman/ husband and wife/ boyfriend and girlfriend is something that will surely happen. The question is not if it will happen but when it will happen. This blog is to help men when it happens.

Men and women are worlds apart. It is clearly seen every time their is a fight between the two. Most often the fight starts when the man says or does something he thinks is harmless or innocent. It could be an innocent remark or a harmless banter. No double meaning or bad intention whatsoever.

The woman on the other hand looks at that action in a different manner. She feels there was something beneath those words/actions you said. She feels hurt and offended. She gives you the cold shoulder. You didn’t notice after a year that she is really giving you the cold shoulder treatment. She gets more frustrated because you the man are SOOOOO insensitive. How could you not know? How could you not feel?

Our answer: YOU NEVER TOLD ME!!!! How would I know????

There is this book that says that men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti. Men tend to think in compartments while women tend to think that everything is connected and intertwined.

A Man’s mind is like a toolbox. A compartment for the nails, a compartment for the hammer, a compartment for every tool. Women are like their handbags. Have you tried getting something in a woman’s bag. It seems like every woman’s handbag has a black hole in it. Everything is mixed up and they like it that way and they have the talent of finding stuff in the bag.

That is why if there is an issue that arises, men try to think about the issue at hand right here and right now while women try to dig up the past or connect issues that was talked about hundreds of years ago. So the conflict arises.

The man says: “We’ve talked about that. It is a done issue. Why are we talking about it again?”

The woman would then say, ” Because you keep on doing the same things/  mistakes over and over again.”

The man would then rebutt, ” This is a different issue.

The woman would defend, ” It is the same for me.”

MEN are like waffles and women are like spaghetti.

Second major difference is that men looks at the bottom line and women are into details. That means men try to solve the problem as fast as he could while women would love to process and discuss the problem (which is us men) and every time they do that it hurts our pride ( but there is no other way around to end the fight than to talk about it and process the problem (you) with her.

Don’t you ever wonder why men tend to always say sorry at the end even if men feels that they are not the reason the fight started. It is because women love to process things and as the couple processes the issue, the issue ends up to be YOU!!! Haha the perks of being a man.

In a lot of ways this is true. Because of the leadership role God has given us, most of the time the main culprit is us. We as men are to take leadership and if it means adjusting our style so that our woman could process her thoughts, then do it. ( by the way this paragraph was really hard to blog since I don’t like doing this and a lot of times I don’t do it that is why fights tend to get longer.)

Men don’t say sorry for the reason that you want to end the fight. FIGHT LIKE A GIRL. Process the issue with your girl. Display empathy. Get into her shoes and once you’ve process the issue with her, get out of her shoes immediately and start acting like a man.






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