The Vision of Steve Jobs

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The Vision of Steve Jobs

A college dropout, a loner and someone unpredictable – who would have thought Steve Jobs would literally change the world we live in in the last 30 years.

One of the driving force of Steve Job’s motivation and success is his vision. While working as a video game designer at Atari Inc. ( remember PACMAN), Steve who was 21 managed to scraped $13000 with his friend Steve Wozniak by virtually selling all their possessions. In 1976, they started their company in the Job’s garage. They called their first invention APPLE 1. The follwiong year they released APPLE 2. In 1984, they introduced the MACINTOSH.

The APPLE 2 made Jobs and Wozniak rich. It had earnings of $139 million during its first three years in the market. Within the first six years of its formation, Apple was selling more than 650,000 perosnal computers a year. Eventually it grew into a 2 billion dollar company. In 1989, Inc. Magazine named Steve Jobs the Entrepreneur of the Decade.

Did Steve Jobs end there? No!!! From day 1 Job and Wozniak kept their vision in the forefront of the company. They hired people who understood and lived out the vision. Even when they experienced tough times they hold on to the vision of the company.

Today, IPAD, MACBOOKS AND LAPTOPS dominate the market. The next generation have become APPLE fans. Steve Jobs because of his vision has created a loyal tribe. Though Steve Jobs is battling a disease today, his vision remains.