Feed your Mind

Taking Manhood Back

Feed your Mind

They say what you put in your mind is what comes out of the mind. Therefore  we must feed our mind good stuff. I remember always reading the newspaper first thing in the morning when I was a college student. I made it a goal to be updated with the current happenings and news. What I realized after three years of reading the newspaper first thing in the morining is that it has no significant amount of good influence in my life.

Same goes with TV. I thought by watching TV, my mind will be feed with good stuff. I found out though that reading positive books and the Bible helps me more than watching a movie or a tv series. I am not saying it is wrong to watch. I still watch sometimes but I choose to limit my TV intake and increase my book intakes to feed my mind.

I made it a goal to read at least 3 books a month. So far this year, I have averaged reading 4-5 books a month. It has totally changed me and helped me. From more knowledge, to conversation starters, sound advice, and keeping abreast on the current trends in the world – I think it is a no brainer that feeding your mind the right stuff drastically helps us be more successful in life.

It has been almost 8 years that I have stopped reading the newspaper first thing in the morning and have switched to reading the Scripture. The result has been dramatic. It has also been almost 6 years that I have stopped watching TV in primetime and used that time to connect with my wife, my kids or do something more productive like reading books.

“You should be as careful about what you put into your mind as about what you put into your mouth. Your mind is a machine. When you ingest a piece of information, your mind goes to work, chewing on it, digesting it, and then converting it into a thought. When good stuff goes into your mind, good thoughts emerge. People who maintain purposeful mind diets of poisitive stimuli think healthy thoughts.” – Tim Sanders, Today We are Rich (page 49)