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Leadership Advice for the Day

Don’t compete with those you lead – Rick Pitino

A sign of an insecure leader is that he wants the people under his leadership to serve him. If somebody does better than him, he feels that they should not get the credit or worst he tries to get the credit.

It has always been said that great leaders are servants. We applaud servant leadership but do we really live it out when it comes to our leadership.

Rather than competing with the people under your care and leadership here are some things you can do for them:

1. Train them with all the necessary skills they need to succeed.

2. Hear them out and take their suggestions with seriously.

3. Ask them, “How can I help you achieve your job” or “How can I make it easier for you to work under my leadership”

4. Never forget to say thanks.

5. Praise them publicly.

6. When everything is going right, praise your team. When things are not going as planned blame yourself.



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