Lessons from Kung Fu Panda 2

Taking Manhood Back

Lessons from Kung Fu Panda 2

I am a PO fan. Watched the movie with the entire family. Alyanna kept on laughing while Mika was just staring at the screen the whole time. While watching the movie, here are some insights and lessons I saw:

1. Teamwork.

The deliberate scenes of teamwork made by the creators of Kung Fu Panda was great. It was established early on in the fight scenes that Po can’t do it on his own and he needed the help of the Furious Five to achieve victory.

Same goes with real life. I can;t do it on my own and I need the help of people around me. Running a church is not easy and I am blessed to have great men and women who help carry the load with me.

Same with my family. Thammie is a lot like Tigress in real life. She is far more creative, and discipline than me but she stands by as a support to the dragon warrior of the house which is ME. ( because of my belly i think and not my skills)

2. Fathers give identity.

You could see the crucial role of the father in the movie. Po wanted to find out where he came from. There is something about us that longs for our dad. Whether they are good or bad dads, we do want and need something from them.

3. The mentors of men around Po.

You have Shi-fu, the step goose dad and the furious 5 acted as mentors to Po. You need Shi Fu’s in your life to remind you and show you the path.

Lord Shen never heeded his dad’s advice and he shunned the wise counsel of mentors. It led to his destruction.

4. Investing in the next generation.

When Goose Dad saw Baby Po, there was no return of investment immediately. He patiently took care of Po, fed him and treated him like his real son. We as men should invest in our kids and the next generation. Guard the legacy that we have and pass it on to our sons and daughters.




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