My Dad to the Rescue

Taking Manhood Back

My Dad to the Rescue

A Post Father’s day blog from Fiona Mae Alvero

I was left alone in our house that evening when I realize I wasn’t really alone. I don’t know how but a strange guy showed up in our living area, staring at me as if he wants to eat me. He came close and instructed me to calm down and shut my mouth or else I’ll be dead. So I did.

With my heart pounding really fast, I tried my best to stay calm and say no word while I watch him move his way to my parents’ bedroom where he ransacked every cabinet and drawers he saw.
He’s a robber. I thought he’s also dumb for letting me sit alone freely. Even with my knees shaking, I got the guts to stand up and move to our kitchen some steps away from the living room because I know there’s an exit there. But he was not a dumb as I thought he was. He stopped searching for possessions and immediately followed me but I managed to quickly exit our house and out of our gate. And when I was ready to run to our neighbor’s house to ask for help, he had the chance to grab me. There was no screaming. Not even a single sound because I was too scared I could not anymore open my mouth. There were no words, no sounds coming out even if how hard I try.
Near our house is a billiard court where people stay up late. What was on my mind that time when he grabbed my hand was to try to escape and run to that place. So with all my might, I tried to hurt him so bad so that he could let me go. The moment he lost grip, I ran the fastest that I can. I was already near the billiard court when my uncle saw me and asked me why I’m out running. Sweat dripping down my face. But my vocal cords were as if locked. I was too nervous I couldn’t anymore speak or even make a sound. Before I could manage to open my mouth and say a word, the crazy guy came close and held me as if we know each other, and that he care. I wanted to tell my uncle that I don’t know the guy and he’s up for something bad but my mouth was numb. 

Then at the back of my uncle I saw another guy with a big tummy approaching us. As he came closer, I recognized who he was and this time, even if in my mind I know that the crazy guy could kill me when I scream or say a word, I did not care at all. When I saw that big tummy guy, I burst in tears. I was able to scream really loud as I run to him and hug him. It was my dad. And the moment that I recognized it was him, even if in the midst of all the horror I feel and the life and death situation, I felt safe because I know when I’m with my dad, everything will be alright.

Then I woke up.

I woke up with real tears in my eyes. It was a dream. Breathe. I sat down and cried some more. It was a bad dream but what made me cry even more was how my dad showed up to rescue me and ended my bad dream with so much peace, love and security.

That moment I sat down, I loved my dad even more. He’s that very guy in my dream who brings security in my heart. He’s there to protect our family. He always tries his best to keep us safe. He would fight for our family no matter what. When we were kids, he would kiss our wounds when it hurt us. When we became teenagers, he swore to mom that he’ll punch faces of guys who will try to break her daughters’ hearts and make them cry (so guys, beware). He’s my man.

He’s human like you and me yet he’s ready to do anything to protect us and make us feel secure. I realize how much more our Father in heaven wants to do the same for us, how He loves to kiss our skinned knees or mend our broken hearts.

I know that no matter how hard my dad would try, he can’t always be around to protect us. Some of us grew up without experiencing how it’s like to have a dad. But I know even if in the absence of our biological fathers, we can still experience the love and security of having a dad because we have our Father in Heaven. In 2 Corinthians 6:18, it says, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

In my dream, when I saw my dad, I knew that things will be alright because I know my dad. I know him personally. He loves me and protects me. Same goes true with our Dad in Heaven, if we know Him as a Dad who loves us, even in the scariest moments of our lives, we will feel alright because we know He’s there to protect and rescue us.

He is our Dad. And with Him, everyone could experience how it’s like to have a Dad who loves, who protects, who gives security and peace in our hearts, who gives us identity, who holds our hands, who carries us on His shoulders, who helps us to stand again when we fall, who shows up when a crazy guy scares us to death.

And He is that Dad who, when life gets too scary and terrifying, would hug us and say “Don’t worry my child, everything’s going to be fine.” And you would feel safe and alright.

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