My Spiritual Father is my Biological father

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My Spiritual Father is my Biological father

Our 3rd Father’s day blog entry winner: Arianne Sabina Chu

I’ve written several blogs on my dad, Ramon Chu, and it still feels none could honor him enough for all he is and all he has done to me, for me and in me. Now, it’s going to be Fathers’ Day tomorrow and it’s almost a must to honor our fathers, well the Bible commands it as well :)

As a family, we are, by faith, on the verge of breakthrough out of a critical season in our lives. We were never been the same since we found out exactly a year ago in June that dad has a life-threatening disease, the big C and the rare one, called atypical lung carcinoid. He was a non-smoker. For a year, it had been 3 phases of tough, physically weakening treatments, and costly treatments. However, we’ve seen God’s hand move mightily through the people, new acquaintances, long-time friends and relatives who prayed, gave, visited, and  assisted us through logistical matters. Dad depended on God. He thanked God through all this time. He actually thought more about us his family, than himself. My dad is a true worshiper, in both happy times and trying times. I’ve always admired his faith in God and his commitment to serve him.

Dad paved the way for my encounter with Jesus. I was 10 years old when he explained to me the Gospel. He brought me to church. He financed my youth camps and Christian books over my Nancy Drew books and other things I wanted then. He taught me the Bible. He never gave a practical advice without mentioning God and Bible. He just knows that the best thing he could ever  impart to me is the Word of God. As I’ve said on his 25th wedding, his greatest legacy to us his children is him, modeling Christ-likeness.

I’ve heard somewhere that the best gift a father could give his children is to love their mother. Dad is all that. He loves my mother deeply. He modeled Christ-centered marriage. My mother is truly dedicated to be by his side, proven at the time when dad is sick.

Daddy is one of the greatest gift God gave me and dad’s greatest gift to me is leading me to Jesus. I’m proud to say I’m a daddy’s girl, although some people tagged me with that as they laughed, I wonder why haha!. It’s a great blessing from the Lord to be a daddy’s girl.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!!

Written by Arianne Chu