The Art of the Fadeaway Jumper

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The Art of the Fadeaway Jumper

During the early days of Michael Jordan’s career, he was unstoppable. The first step would leave his defender dumbfounded. His dunks were so tenacious that it doesn’t matter who was in front of him the guarantee was that the next day they will be poster boys of Michael Jordan. But Michael Jordan knew that this kind of explosive plays and dunks won’t last especially as he grows older. He had to adapt to change.

As Michael Jordan was growing older in the league, he had to add some arsenal in his shots. He knew he was unstoppable at that time but it did not stop him from improving and adding new skills to help elevate his game to new heights. So Jordan mastered the art of the deadly fade away jumper that has propelled his team to crucial wins and championships.

The reason Jordan is the best player to ever play in the league is because his tenacity to grow and adapt to change. He was never content with the skills that he had. He had to improve. There was a growing desire to learn more.

What can we learn from Michael Jordan?

We should never stop learning and growing. Getting older is no excuse to stop growing and adding new skills. I admire men who still learn not just from the older ones but they observe the younger generation and learn from them. It takes a lot of humility to do that but the payoffs are great.