What My Dad Told me on My Wedding Day

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What My Dad Told me on My Wedding Day

Every year since I was a kid, my dad made it a point to give something special–a beautiful white rose for Valentine’s Day, a heartfelt letter for my yearly retreats, a meticulously thought-out drawing for my birthday. There was always something so humbling about those gifts, because with them came a part of his heart. I always wondered how he could still have so much more love to give the rest of the year.

I continue, to this day, to try “out-special” him, channeling all my creativity and mushiness so he’d get back even a fraction of the joy he gives me.

Ah, but there’s no “out-special-ing” my Dad. Not El Dad who gives so naturally, with or without pomp or ceremony. My cool, long-haired dad who just exudes “Daddy-ness” wherever he goes and with whomever he meets. Daddy, who refuses to leave the boundaries of QC to Ortigas to find a restaurant to celebrate any momentous occasion, except my wedding in far-flung Bulacan. Stifles my “creativity”, I tell you.

But this is Mike Orosa. My Daddy and everyone else’s Tito Mike. Ever-humble, simple, kaibigan-ng-bayan Daddy. Anyone who has met him, even for just a few minutes of chatting, would know how much of himself he gives in every encounter. Wherever he is, at whatever time, it’s always his 150% on the table. Integrity personified, this is why I always proudly say that I’m his girl. Every day of every year, I beam with pride for who he is, the love and protection he gives not just to me but to every single person he meets.

For Father’s Day, allow me to share with you a glimpse of his special heart, showing my life from his perspective: his speech on my wedding day. 🙂

Thank you Tito Sev and Oline!

That is what is interesting about Martial Arts of which Carlo and Michelle were active with. If you misplace the letter “i”, it become marital arts! Then you would have pre-marital, marital, pre-natal, post-natal, etc…

They did it all by themselves. Congratulations Carlo and Michelle!

To the sponsors, friends and relatives, we are all honored by your presence. Thank you very much. This gathering is already an international one. Tito Mario Orosa, my dad’s brother, has timed his visit here from the United States to coincide with the first wedding from the grandchildren of my dad Augusto. His sister Tita Angelina is also here from Australia.

Fantastic to see friends getting together. We must protect this relationship, it has withstood the test of time. Diane is here from Australia.  Mayang from Hawaii. Mavi from Singapore. And the most traveled barkada, Lala from Mt.Banahaw. Charisse Raneses are you here? .. A friendship from way back Grade School days. Did I miss anyone? Thank God for Facebook!

I had prayed so much for a daughter. My prayers were answered with the birth of Michelle. Everyone objected to what would have been her name … Maxx!   Sayang. She could have claimed the candy! So we chose the title of the Beetles song – Michelle.

Since her mom had left for the USA, Michelle till age 8, only knew the men’s room.

I tried to make her a tough kid. She was just too feminine.

The smile and the hug that I always looked for was always there in abundance. Two common lines. Were “Dadeeeeee” & “Feeeeeed meeeee”, the last one when she wanted a bite of what i was eating. She still does this.

She loved to write stories. Great training for future writing assignments.

Advice for those who have little kids. Train them to love History and the Humanities.

History so they can appreciate the past, understand the present, and help change the future. Humanities because of Art and Music. Everything great will follow, whichever path they choose to take. Michelle is a product of that exposure.

She was so motivated, and was able to join her brother Marc at the Ateneo. I was so happy when she somehow, got into the Arnis team with Diane, the Team Captain.  Now we had something in common – sports and violence!

To everyone who had even the minutest role in shaping Michelle and Carlo’s lives and their relationship with each other. Thank you!

Thank you Carlo for the great relationship you continue to have with Michelle. Over 9 years is proof of that. I hope somehow we were able to show you that things can work out with compromise, lots of humor, and prayers. Together with your parents, brother and sisters, Tita Toots and Fort, we have gotten together in the most “unusual” circumstances,  proof that we will always be there for you.

You both having God at the center of your lives is a clear sign of Victory for the Future.

Michelle, I have never said “I love you” to anyone as much as the thousands of times I would say them to you. And I shall never stop. Thank you for giving me the strength to go on.

I am sure that your bother Marc and your mom Mayette, Lolo Toto and Lola Upe, are all smiles as they are witnesses to this very happy event right now.

Sa pagpugay sa inyong pinagpalang pagsasama …. (bow)

Daddy, you bless me, Carlo, Martin, Marc, Tita Gy and everyone else in this world every day by simply being YOU. Thank you for your love, your protection, your laughter, your music, your daily craziness. Thank you, most of all, for giving me everything I need to be ME, and loving that ME every day. I am who I am, and I am who I will be, because you’re my Daddy. I love you more every. Single Day.

I am and forever will be so proud to be called your daughter.

And to every dad who has touched the lives of his family and those around them, I dedicate this entry to you as well. Your strength, love, and character blesses all of us around you. Your life, lived as it is, makes this world so much a better place. You are loved, and you make us all proud.

Happy, happy Father’s Day :)


Michelle Orosa-Ople works as a broadcast journalist by day. Off-cam, she’s a Christian, a Daddy’s Girl, a shutterbug, the ambassador for every feline’s right to cuddling, and now the happy wife of internet marketing businessman, Carlo Ople.. Visit her site for more blogs, click here