Why Many People Suffer from Poor Health

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Why Many People Suffer from Poor Health

“Many people suffer poor health not because of what they eat but from what is eating them.” – Dr. Vincent Peale

My mom always say, ” Garbage in, garbage out.” Everyday we are given a choice to either trust God or worry. Many of our so called sickness manifest not because of a virus but because of worry and stress. Rather than trusting on God’s grace, we worry. We all know worry won’t do anything good. Worry won’t add another day in our life.

They say men die earlier because when they face a problem, they keep it to themselves. They don’t share it or ask for help. It eats them up. It kills them.

I thank God for godly men in my life that when some problems or worries are trying to eat me up, they are there to encourage and strengthen me. I don’t want to die young. Don’t let worries eat you up.