Taking Manhood Back


When we start to talk about our vision and our purpose , we as men tend to get so excited. Our purpose defines who we are thus we craft the vision of our lives and the purpose why we exists. We engineer it really well and execute it with passion because we know this is the one thing I cannot mess up – my vision, my dreams.

We presume that because we have crafted our vision and dreams that God will now show up and bless it. This is how I tried to run my life. I had it all planned. Be in business, get filthy rich, get a wife, make babies, continue to be rich and then enter ministry. Looking at it now, I find it funny because I knew it was not God’s vision for me. It was my vision for me – to satisfy me, to build a name for myself but it wasn’t His plan.

We presume to design what we will become in Christ. We pursue our dreams over His God’s vision for our lives. We live out our lives in our own image. We live to please ourselves and others. We shape our dreams around our own insecurities. We then take God’s sovereign plan for our lives and make it as our goal. We take over God’s control. We now drive the wheel and here lies our mistake.

God’s vision for our lives is not something we chase; it is something we become. So to live out your God given dreams and vision, it would require for us as men to love and pursue this Jesus. To know who we already are in Christ.

I pray that you might journey well my friend in discovering your God given dreams


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