Old Man Running

Taking Manhood Back

Old Man Running

I ran today after a long time. I had to run. There was no excuse. I woke up early, the weather wass fine, I miss my running shoes, my little brother is getting thinner and I have to lose 2 more pounds this coming week as my goal.

I felt it was a great run I had this morning not just with the calories burned but of some valuable lessons I learned along the way.

As I was on the middle of my run, an old man run past by me. I guess he was around late 50’s to early 60’s. He was fast. He was a good target. I said to myself I will outrun this old man. I am half his age and this would be relatively easy.

For the first 5 minutes, I was pacing. In my mind I was thinking that I was going to give him my “awesome sneak attack run move” on the 10th minute. Pace and then overtake!!! Simple plan. Let the old man run and tire while my fresh legs would outpace and outrun him.

Slowly but surely I ran. My eyes could see the target. Five minutes later like the tortoise in the story I kept my pace. Let the old rabbit run to his heart’s content, I’ll be consistent. And consistent I was. Consistently slowing down and being outrun by a 60 year old man.

“This is not happening”, I thought to myself. I’ve been weight training and doing my cardio exercises on a more regular and consistent basis.

Old man running, young man catching up.

Old man running, young man panting.

Old man gone, young man walking.

On my last lap around Greenhills, I saw the old man again.

Old man overtaking, young man resting.

I did pray a prayer after this morning run. “Lord, make me like that old man. Never let age slow me down. I pray that my best years are ahead of me and Lord I pray that young man can outrun old man one day.”