When Surviving is not Enough

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When Surviving is not Enough

Finally, a winner for our blog contest on why survival is not enough. Our winner gets a free book of Seth Godin entitled “Survival is not Enough”. 

I’m sure most of you, agree that we all are in a fast-paced, ever-changing jungle of a workplace. An “urban jungle” as they say it. In this jungle there are different types of people. There are those, like the wolves, who prey; there are those who, like rabbits, run and struggle to survive; and those who are like the fox who adapts and dominates! In this jungle workplace- we need more than survival skills- we need to adapt to our harsh and changing environment. We need to be foxes!

Foxes live in similar ecosystems with the stronger and bigger predators but they still manage to be at the top- why? They have developed natural skills to adapt and dominate. Foxes are cunning animals. They burrow, they can hunt well at night, foxes living in snow have a thick fur for warmth and they all have bushy tails for balancing quick movements- they’re built not just to survive, but to adapt to the changes and dominate!

If we want to dominate the workplace jungle, we must also recognize an important truth in the ecosystem that we thrive in- it changes! Change will happen whether we like it or not. It’s the reality that we face everyday! I already wrote about how people resist change before, this time let me share to you some valuable lessons about adapting to the change and using it to dominate.

The first thing we need to believe in is the fact that every change is an opportunity for growth. In our IT team, we need to constantly redefine our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to how the stake holders wants us to perform. This is an opportunity for us to grow individually and as a team. We can inject new ideas and best practices to lessen resolution times of issues we receive. However growth can only be achieved if we first look at this change positively. Then everybody works towards it and not against it.

Realizing that the change starts with us for it to affect the people around us. We all must learn to be catalysts. A Catalyst is defined by thefreedictionary.com as:

A substance that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process. 

And that is how exactly we should be! A vital element that promotes a positive change but still maintaining it’s core characteristics. Do not get consumed in the process.

Defining the constants. The world around us is changing, we also need to change, but there are some things that should never change. Our core values and principles, for example; the vision of the company, etc. These things, they define who we are- this should never change and be consumed in the process.

It is never too late to change. No matter how old you are or how far you have trodden that path- there will always be a point where you realize that change is needed.

The apostle Paul in Acts 9, was changed from the death-bringer of Christians to one of the most successful missionaries of all time. With God’s help, he adapted to what God has called him to do and dominated that playing field! He became the most “lethal weapon” the early Christian church have- converting unbelievers everywhere he spoke. It wasn’t too late to change for him, neither it is for everyone of us.

God is continuously calling us to higher grounds- calling us to be world-changers in our own fields. It is not enough that we only survive where we are, we need to adapt, we need to dominate, thus, we need to change!

This post was inspired by the the book The Difference Maker by John Maxwell

Val Baguios is a 28 year-old IT Service Desk shift supervisor working in IOM (International Organization for Migration). One of his passions is discovering and sharing the vast wisdom that can be taken from the Bible and applying it on how we do work daily in the corporate world. His desire is for the readers of BrokenMindset.org to discover and learn things along with him.


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