Win a free Seth Godin Book

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Win a free Seth Godin Book

It’s time again to give away some free books. This time the book is by Seth Godin, my favorite author and blogger. His book Survival is not Enough has helped me in so many ways so i just want to share the blessings. When I saw the book years ago, I bought a lot of copies and I still have 5 left.

In Survival Is Not Enough, former Yahoo executive and author of Permission Marketing Seth Godin turns his attention to the predominant issue facing all business today: change. Godin formulates his own prescription for business survival, a concept he calls “zooming,” which he defines as “stretching your limits without threatening your foundation.” The result is a wide-ranging and eclectic menu of useful ideas that just about anyone looking to enhance their career, job satisfaction, and their company’s prospects would do well to consider. –Harry C. Edwards

So here is how you can win this book.

1. Write a blog on why living in survival mode is not enough.

2. Send your blog entry to

3. Make sure that your blog is an original blog. No more than 500 words please. If more than 500, it is most likely not to be chosen unless it is really a compelling blog.

4. Blogs that are chosen will be posted at this site. ( That means you will have thousands of people reading your blog). Please also send a link of your own website if you have one.

5. Winners can get their book at Greenhills, San Juan. Winners will be announced next week.

6. Other blogs that are not chosen can also be posted.


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